Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications-Medical: International Health Education

Time 10/15/03 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Systems that blend education, media programming and applied clinical research are developing as a priority across the Internet2 member community. Health Education is a primary driver in the deployment of Internet2 technologies as a method to access expertise of peers worldwide. This panel discussion will provide an educational opportunity to learn about active programs in the Internet2 community that provide health education on a global scale. New models for collaboration focus on activities with the Orthopaedic Surgery community.

Operation Walk: Post Surgical Orthopedic Evaluation and Physician Training in Developing Countries.

Initiated in the late 1990s, “Operation Walk” is a humanitarian program to provide surgical reconstruction of knee and hip joints to patients in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Cuba enabling them to resume a normal life. In developing countries, advanced surgical intervention is not routinely available to the majority of the population. However, in most knee and hip cases, surgery is the only viable option to restore the patient to normal function. In April 2003, a team of 45 healthcare professionals including surgeons, infectious disease specialists, physical therapists, and other support staff traveled to Havana, Cuba under the auspices of “Operation Walk--Mooresville, Indiana.” The team was led by Merrill Ritter, M.D. widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost experts in total joint replacements. During a five-day period, the team completed a total of 27 complete knee and hip replacements on 24 patients that had been screened from a pool of 2,000. Patients who had been unable to walk for 20 years, were up the day following surgery, and mobile within 3 days.
The audience will learn about Internet communications resources required for "Operation Walk", the digital imaging archive of the expedition by the IUPUI's School of Informatics New Media program, and efforts to bring connectivity to developing countries for physician and patient education. Of particular interest is a development plan for a 6-month follow-up of patient progress to link surgeons from "Operation Walk" to surgeons, therapists, and patients at the remote location. Further discussions will include the need for wireless technologies in pre-surgical patient assessment to support medical teams serving remote locations in developing countries and solutions being developed within the School of Informatics and "Operation Walk". In summary, the role and expansion of the Orthopedic Research Network as an advocate for these and other initiatives will be discussed.

Internet2 Blends Education, Pediatrics, and Telemedicine: Optimizing Conceptual Development

The health and education professionals responsible for the well being of Cuban children are employing technology as a method of accessing expertise from their peers worldwide, using VPN's and web portals such as INFOMED and Virtual de Salud. They are also using a variety of media to ensure that all children have access to quality health education information. They are working to enhance the capabilities of Cuba's internal fiber-optic network to further this goal. With the institution of CLARA (Cooperacion Latino Americana de Redes Avanzada--a not-for-profit association of Latin America and Caribbean National Research and Education Networks), benefits of the Cuban system may become available on a broader basis to other countries in the region. This session will also include interactive participation from some leading Cuban health-care professionals, educators, and telecommunications providers, along with conference session speakers from organizations that focus on early cognitive development, health care/education, and networking issues. They will be discussing the Cuban model of early childhood health care and education and the opportunities that CLARA may provide.

Internet2 Applications to Orthopaedic Surgery.

From September 10--13, 2003, Internet2 participated in a number of meetings in conjunction with the International Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Conference (SICOT/SIROT) in Cairo, Egypt, to underscore the benefits of broadband high-performance networks. Internet2’s involvement demonstrates the benefit of broadband access to Egyptian leaders in communications, information technology, and higher education and the greater global orthopedic surgery community. This presentation will focus on highlights, activities, projects and meetings from the SICOT events (see


Speaker Darrell L. Bailey Indiana University

Speaker Michael Berend St. Francis Knee and Hip Replacement Surgical Center, Indiana

Speaker Jeffery Pearson Operation Walk, Indiana Team

Speaker Chadwick F. Smith University of Southern California

Speaker Curtis T. White Allied Communications

Speaker Steve Senger University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Conexiones de Cuba (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Curtis T. White Allied Communications

media item thumbnail Activity Report of Internet2's Orthapaedic Working Group (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Chadwick F. Smith University of Southern California

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications - Medical