Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting

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International Task Force: International Collaborations and Advanced Networking Projects

Time 10/28/02 09:00AM-12:00PM

Session Abstract

This session will have presentations from International MoU Partners and Internet2 members who will present on ongoing international collaborative activities and advanced networking projects around the globe.

*NLANR-Measurement and Network Analysis Group-Overview and Activities; NLANR-MNA, USA; Ronn Ritke

*Cuba-Overview and Current Projects; National Center of BioInformatics, Cuba; Juan Pedro Febles

*QoS Requirements for Data Collaboration Using T.120; RNP2, Brazil; Liane Tarouco

*Taiwan's TWAREN Initiative; TANET, Taiwan; Fay Sheu

*Update on German Network for Research & Education; DFN, Germany; Martin Wilhelm

*PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly): An Overview; UCSD, USA; Peter Arzberger

*Ecuador: Overview of Activities and CEDIA--Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado; ESPOL, CEDIA, Ecuador; Enrique Pelaez

*Foreign Language and Cultural Exchanges: The Next High-Performance Killer App for K20?; MAGPI GigaPoP, USA; Jennifer MacDougall, Greg Palmer

For an updated agenda for this session, please see http://www.internet2.edu/international/html/fall2002_intl_collabs.html


Speaker Ana Hunsinger Internet2

Presentation Media

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Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker David Salmon UKERNA

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