Collaborative Computing in Higher Education: Peer-to-Peer and Beyond

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Accountability and Resource Management in Higher Ed P2P

Time 01/31/02 02:20PM-02:45PM

Session Abstract

Napster gave us both a "cornucopia" and a "tragedy" of the commons. Individuals linked by the Napster service shared files on a scale never before seen, creating a "cornucopia." Networks hosting Napster users were overwhelmed by this traffic, creating a "tragedy." How can we maximize cornucopia and minimize tragedy in future P2P systems? The talk will discuss methods of "resource management" to mitigate tragedy of the commons, including micro-payments and the use of reputations to provide accountability. Applications and concerns specific to networks in higher education will be addressed. The talk closes with a brief view of "things to watch."


Speaker David Molnar ShieldIP

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