Collaborative Computing in Higher Education: Peer-to-Peer and Beyond

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It's Not Enough to Have a Big, Fat Pipe: The Case for Resource Management

Time 01/30/02 04:40PM-05:45PM

Session Abstract

Since the early days of the discussions surrounding Napster, the impact of P2P technology on our universities has been undeniable. From network bandwidth issues to ethical and legal challenges, universities have had to acknowledge and react to file-sharing, P2P applications. Recent events have made it evident that these new applications are pushing universities to rethink not only bandwidth and resource usage policies, but the models used to fund, justify, and manage bandwidth. We realize that this workshop would not be complete without a discussion on resource management issues. The typical response at a university has been to utilize control approaches to ameliorate these issues. The focus of this session will be a proactive discussion surrounding "techniques that are sort of working better" in today's changing environment as well as interesting and challenging perspectives on the issues. Short presentations to entice the academic debate will include:

Mark will describe a traffic shaping method that allows users of interactive applications (e.g., Telnet and SSH) to get acceptable performance on over-provisioned networks with high-bandwidth applications (i.e., peer-to-peer) running. This shaping method is based on traffic patterns and not on port numbers.

Chris will talk about p2p traffic distribution patterns and the latest on his research.

In his talk, Joe will talk about overall level of Kazaa traffic on the I2 backbone and implications, plus perspectives on choosing traffic cap threshold levels for local campus traffic management.


Speaker Mark Meiss Indiana University

Speaker Bill St. Arnaud CANARIE

Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Workstation Based Traffic Shaping (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Mark Meiss Indiana University

media item thumbnail P2P is good news (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Bill St. Arnaud CANARIE