Spring 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications: Peer-to-Peer: The Old is New Again. Or is it?

Time 03/08/01 02:45PM-03:45PM

Session Abstract

What is the real potential of p2p? Is there anything in the p2p arena (besides Napster) that is a must-have for businesses, for consumers, for the universities and the research and education networking community? This panel will look at the potential of p2p in the research and university community, not only for p2p apps like file sharing but in terms of how p2p technology can allow for the creation of communities working on similar projects. This session will provide a brief overview of the p2p landscape and the different p2p models and applications. On the research front, we will look at how p2p distributed computing models are enabling a new range of applications, such as folding@home, where a research community "builds" their own application for solving specific scientific problems that require thousands of processors in a distributed environment. Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg, founder and CTO of Mithral Communications and Design, will discuss how Mithral's CS-SDK enabled the Pande Group, at Stanford University Chemistry Department, to simulate how proteins self-assemble or fold, something that requires extremely intensive computations. We will also look at "educational p2p" applications where the p2p computing model can be used within the instructional process itself in order to help facilitate learning. P2P can be used as a means for sharing and promoting the use of "learning objects", i.e., reusable, nonrival educational resources in a p2p network that allow for collaboration and reuse between students, teachers, and researchers. David Wiley, Postdoctoral Fellow in Instructional Technology, will discuss the "EduCommons Project", a recently funded project under development at Utah State University.


Speaker Adam Beberg Mithral Communications and Design, Inc.

Speaker Micah Beck University of Tennessee

Speaker David Wiley Utah State University

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications