Spring 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Network Planning & Engineering Provisioning for Peer-to-Peer Applications and Their Impact on Our Campuses

Time 03/08/01 04:15PM-05:15PM

Session Abstract

In this session, we focus on the impact that p2p file sharing applications have had both on our networks and on our campuses. Panelists will share lessons learned and interesting points of view on the p2p phenomenon and how universities have dealt with such. Panelists will also discuss the following questions:
- what techniques/tools have been easily deployed and are used for traffic shaping?
- what (or should) cost models be established for charging for bandwidth? what should these be based on?
- what policies are reasonable and how do you manage them?
- what are the students doing and the impact of what we are doing as administrators/etc.? have educational campaigns made a difference?
- should we provision our campus networks with p2p in mind? or are we too late for that? are we still on time?
- beyond Napster's recent ruling, how will universities deal with other p2p applications?
- what role can Gigapops and service providers play when addressing these issues?


Speaker Jahangir Bouromand University of Maryland

Speaker David Devereaux-Weber University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker Ron Hutchins Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Linda Roos Internet2

Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

Speaker Steven Wallace Internet2

Secondary tracks Network Engineering