Spring 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Middleware: Populating Your Enterprise Directory: Policy & Process

Time 03/08/01 04:15PM-05:15PM

Session Abstract

An enterprise directory's value is determined, in part by the comprehensiveness of the data about all the communities comprising an institution. Including these disparate communities - alumni, emeritus faculty, temporary employees - involves negotiation with the units responsible for the respective systems of record. Early Adopter universities offer case studies that highlight the challenges and compromises required to populate these directories more fully and that challenge the audience to participate in providing insight into policy and process issues enterprise directories pose.


Speaker Lesley Tolman Tufts University

Speaker Tom Barton University of Chicago

Speaker Sandra Colombo University of Michigan

Speaker Jack Suess University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Speaker Kathy Waynick Johns Hopkins University

Secondary tracks Middleware