Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Egon Verharen

ORG SURFnet Title BIO dr.ir. Egon M. Verharen is innovation manager at SURFnet, the Dutch national research network, where he is responsible for innovation projects on digital video. He was chair of TF-STREAM, the TERENA (European Education and research network's) taskforce on videostreaming and conferencing, is a member of the ViDe steering committee, the Internet2 Digital Video initiative steering committee, the Internet2 Commons management team and is chair of Vidmid-vc the Internet2 Middleware initiative/ViDe workgroup on videoconferencing middleware. Formerly an assistant professor on Information technology at Tiburg University, where he received his PhD on research on intelligent agents, Egon joined SURFnet in 1997 where he has been working on the development of advanced internet applications and services.