Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications: Collaborative Computing in Higher Education: An Overview of Peer-to-Peer

Time 10/04/01 08:30AM-09:45AM

Session Abstract

P2P technology is one of the most widely discussed innovations in computing circles today. However P2P is not new as the general concept has been around since the dawn of the ARPAnet. What has changed is the ease of connectivity to the Internet and access to millions of computers. This provides new opportunities for computing collaboration as evidenced by the overly-publicized Napster application. However in the early stages of this latest P2P generation, there is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes P2P. What is involved in the technology? What is available in the commercial world? And how does the technology affect the university environment and computing networks? This session will serve as an introduction to the Collaborative Computing in Higher Education: Peer-to-Peer and Beyond workshop that will be held immediately following the I2 member meeting. It will also provide an update on the techniques and tools currently being used to manage campus networks. A panel of CIOs and network engineers, including confirmed speakers of Perry Brunelli of U of WI, James Deaton of ONEnet in Oklahoma and Steve Wallace of Indiana University, will discuss current trends in campus network management.


Speaker David Futey Stanford University

Speaker Linda Roos Internet2