Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Relationships & Partnerships: ITEC Update: The Value of Working Together

Time 10/03/01 04:45PM-06:00PM

Session Abstract

Although the ITECs (Internet2 Technology Evaluation Centers) have differing areas of primary interest and responsibility, it is becoming increasingly clear that they also share some common objectives, and that closer collaboration would be of considerable benefit to the Internet2 community as a whole. This presentation examines the joint ITEC efforts to date, and proposes to take future collaborative efforts a step farther. One area of particular interest is to examine the seemingly contradictory views of the current backbone as both a test bed for networking technology, and as a stable production infrastructure serving the varied needs of the research and education community. Strong collaboration between the ITECs can provide a platform for bridging those disparate views.


Speaker John Moore ITEC - North Carolina

Speaker Pankaj Shah OARnet

Speaker Kevin Walsh San Diego Supercomputer Center