Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications: Using Internet2 for Live Multi-site Performing Arts Events

Time 10/03/01 04:45PM-06:00PM

Session Abstract

Internet 2 has established a new medium for the performing arts. Musicians, actors, dancers, and other artists can perform and interact across multiple sites, and present a real-time shared multimedia experience for audiences at remote locations. To this end I2 technologies must be carefully adapted for the unique needs of artistic performance. In addition, artists must rethink and adapt their traditional methods for the I2 medium.
Considerations include:
-Network latency and its relationship to timing in dance and music.
-Network video quality and the expectations of artists and audiences.
-Allowing simultaneous sound sources while preventing audio feedback.
-Interfacing traditional video and music production gear with proprietary hardware codecs.
-The social and logistical challenges of network based artistic and technical collaboration.
-Documenting ephemeral multisite network art events.


Speaker Philip Galanter New York University