Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Network Engineering: QBone Scavenger Service (QBSS)

Time 10/03/01 03:00PM-04:15PM

Session Abstract

QBSS allows users and leaf networks to identify and mark a scavenger class of traffic that may receive degraded treatment at downstream bottleneck links. By allocating forwarding resources at those links more intelligently, QBSS can be used to extend or restore an uncongested service to default best-effort traffic. During this session, we will discuss the service, its usefulness and area of applicability, and share testing and deployment experiences. All interested members of the Internet2 community are encouraged to participate. It is anticipated that the session will be especially useful for network engineers and planners.


Speaker Les Cottrell Stanford Linear Accelerator

Speaker Dave Hartzell NASA Advanced Supercomputing

Speaker Chris Robb Internet2

Speaker Stanislav Shalunov Internet2