Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Megaconference: How Do I Do H.323 on My Campus?

Time 10/03/01 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Many universities are beginning to establish their videoconferencing services and are looking for guidance and suggestions. This presentation will bring together panelists who have implemented H.323 video conferencing at their organizations to share their thoughts on topics such as:
1)Who did you involve (or wish you had involved!) in the planning effort for introducing video conferencing into your organization?
2)Along what timeline (including timeframes and milestones) might one expect to roll out video conferencing within their organization?
3)What are good resources to read? (e.g. The Videoconferencing Cookbook)
4)What networking issues need to be addressed? (e.g. bandwidth, QoS, full/half duplex, bottlenecks)
5)Should I buy an MCU? If so, where do I get trained? What are the pitfalls?
6)What scheduling software should I use if I have a small/large system? Does it actually connect the endpoints or just identify who has what, when?
7)How do you handle end-user support? Does it need to be separated from or handled differently than other IT support? Do you have forms you use? What information do you collect?
8)What are some of the biggest "success stories" or interesting uses of video conferencing within your organization? What are some of the biggest "non-success" stories and how did you handle them?


Speaker Sandy Sprafka North Dakota State University

Speaker Jill Gemmill Clemson University

Speaker Tyler Johnson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Speaker Mary Trauner Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Egon Verharen SURFnet