Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Network Engineering: European and Japanese IPv6 Deployment: Initiaitives and Hurdles

Time 10/03/01 10:30AM-11:45AM

Session Abstract

Deployment of the IPv6 protocol is of strategic interest to networks worldwide. The first presentation will focus on initiatives and studies towards deployment of a pan-European native IPv6 service between National Research Networks (NRNs) on the GEANT network. We believe that the IPv6 deployment issues are common between GEANT and Internet 2. We will also describe proposals and options for IPv6 interconnectivity between the two organisations. The presentation will include the results of experiments and early deployment of IPv6 in Europe, featuring experience of a variety of vendor products and IPv4-IPv6 interworking methods. A summary of the GEANT Test Programme (GTPv6) participant activties will be presented, which includes subjects such as routing architecture, DNS, registries and addressing, applications, wireless access, IPv6 multicast, network monitoring and security. The aim of the talk is to disseminate the GEANT results and to promote discussion and collaboration of IPv6 activity between Internet 2 and GEANT. Further information on GEANT IPv6 activity can be found here.
The second presentation will focus on initiatives and developments in IPv6 in Japan generally, and those specifically led by the WIDE project. The WIDE project is a research consortium regarding the internet technology. WIDE has more than 400 active researchers related with the internet technology and has around 200 industrial and academic memberships. Also, WIDE leads the IPv6 deployment for the JGN (Japan Gigabit Network), that is Japanses federal government funded nation-wide research and development network.


Speaker Guy Almes Texas A&M University

Speaker Tim Chown University of Southhampton

Speaker Hiroshi Esaki WIDE Project, Japan