Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Opening Plenary

Time 10/02/01 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Welcome to Austin and the Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

Network of the Future

Since its start in 1998, the Abilene Network has grown to support nearly 200 participants in all 50 states, including most of the leading research institutions nationally, and more recently, educational networks in 14 states. At its inception, Abilene was designed to utilize state-of-the-art IP transport technology (OC-48c SONET). Subsequently, new optical transport technologies have emerged that provide for both higher bandwidth and new means of interconnecting networks. In this presentation, we will discuss the future plans for the Abilene Network in the context of these new technologies, the new emphasis on advanced services, and the Network's ongoing expansion. We also will highlight the importance of insuring high-performance interfaces between national backbones such as Abilene and the regional aggregation networks (GigaPoPs). This effort will be a collaboration between the Internet2 Network of the Future Project and the Quilt Project's Regional Optical Networking activity.


Speaker Larry Faulkner Houston Endowment

Speaker Douglas Van Houweling Internet2

Speaker Steve Corbato Internet2