Fall 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Tutorial: PKI 150, Fundamentals and Realities

Time 10/01/01 03:00PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

The task of building PKI, a central component of the emerging middleware infrastructure, for higher education and research is extremely complex given the need to accommodate embedded technological, organizational and cultural bases. This tutorial provides an overview of the basic technical and policy issues and describes a range of deployment strategies, based on an airplane analogy, to consider given the current status of the technology. It delves into more advanced aspects including detailed looks at standard and extension fields in certificates, use of profiles, mobility issues, certificate authority software, certificate policy and certificate practice statement issues, trust models, appropriate use of certificates, certificate bridge authorities, and a comparison of government and higher education research activities. This session is intended for senior campus leadership is who want to know more about PKI. It is intended to provide the background to position attendees to participate in the more intense policy and technical discussions addressed in the reports from the Higher Education PKI Policy and Technical Activities Groups and the PKI Labs during the regular track session.


Speaker Jim Jokl University of Virginia

Speaker David Wasley (Retired) University of California Office of the President